Workout While You Work: Ways to Stay in Shape at the Office

Is your job taking all your time and energy away from working out? Worry no more. There are easy, realistic and convenient ways to burn calories at your desk—without partaking in embarrassing chair exercises.

TrekDesk is a desk specially designed to extend over almost any treadmill, allowing workers to complete all normal duties (paperwork, emails, etc.) while walking at a slow pace. Walking slowly prevents users from sweating, but provides them with a way to be productive simultaneously. Priced at $479, the TrekDesk boasts an easy to assemble package and with a phone stand, file tray and manuscript holder, it gives users enough space to work on.image3_287_296_100

FitDesk is a similar concept to TrekDesk, but has several different versions, most accompanied by a stationary bike. The bike makes it possible to mount a laptop while pedaling, and is even functional for gamers. The FitDesk is lightweight (only 35 pounds), and can be conveniently folded into an upright position and stored.

FitDesk-X-11-179x3001For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money, FitDesk offers the “Tabletop Standing Desk” option. The standing desk comes separate from a stationary bike, but features massage rollers to relieve hands and forearms for those who spend large amounts of time on a laptop. A therapeutic grip also gives users the option to strengthen hands with a squeeze, and the desk can be used standing or sitting.

A low-key but effective alternative to treadmill desks and stationary bikes can be as simple as changing your desk chair. Yoga ball chairs are just what they sound like: a chair that uses a yoga ball instead of a traditional, flat-bottomed seat. The roundness of the yoga ball provides back support and a subtle balance challenge that strengthens the core while ensuring comfort. Using a yoga ball chair, sometimes referred to as a balance ball chair, helps improve spinal alignment and reduce nerve compression. They can be purchased for under $100 from Gaiam and other retailers.95-1004

According to the National Institutes of Health, walking 10,000 steps a day can reduce cancer rates by 30 to 70%; additionally, the American Heart Association confirms that 10,000 steps daily can reduce stroke rate by 70% and reduce initial heart attack rate by 90%. In an age where sedentary lifestyles are forced and complicated by long work hours at a desk, incorporating movement throughout the day is vital. With products like these and other ways to workout while at work, health risks can be diminished and fitness accomplished—all while on a conference call or checking emails.