What’s in Your Burger?

How would you feel if someone switched your beef burger for horse meat?

You wouldn’t be too happy, right?

Well that’s exactly what happened to many Burger King customers just a few weeks ago.

Burger King’s “excuse” was that the meat was “contaminated” in their processing plant by being around horse meatScreen-Shot-2013-02-05-at-11.56.19-AM-300x224 copy

Or, was it just another premeditated way to make a cheap product even cheaper to increase profit margins? (What was horse meat doing in their plant in the first place?)

I don’t know… I’ll let you decide.

The moral of the story here isn’t to boycott just BK, but rather to ask this question:

If a food item costs just 99 cents how good can it possibly be for me?”

Think about it.

If you can get a sandwich that contains 2 pieces of bread, 6oz of meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and condiments for just a few dollars what type of quality do you think that is?

Remember, they have to make a profit as well. That means that the genetically engineered food you just ate costs pennies to produce.

Can you now begin to make the jump to see what type of damage this can have on your health and waistline?

Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight or even in a month’s time, which is why most of us never realize or make the connection it has with our health and vitality.

Regardless of whether there’s actual horsemeat in your current lunchmeat, if you’re putting garbage into your body to save money and time it’s pretty much the same thing.

Yes, it will take a little more effort to pre-pack a lunch or scope out healthy eating spots, but it’s so worth it.

The bottom line is that we live in a society that perpetuates disease and obesity. It’s up to us to fight back and not support companies that are trying to make us fat and send us to an early grave.

I hope you’ll join me in making an effort to seek out local businesses that promote organic, humanely raised food items that improve health, not steal it from people.

We all vote with our money.

If we support local & organic, food manufacturers will be forced to produce more of it.

Here’s to taking back our health!

steve-ebook-photo1Stephen Cabral is a world renowned body transformation expert and was voted 2011 “Personal Trainer of the Year.” He is the author of 2 books and has published over 1,200 articles on health, fitness, and nutrition. Stephen and his team train out of their private Boston personal trainer center, Stephen Cabral Studio, and online at StephenCabral.com.