What I ate Today

It is crazy how complicated people make nutrition. Don’t get me wrong, nutrition is an exquisite science that can make the smartest of the smart scratch their heads.

However, at the end of the day, it is so simple.

It’s funny when you see a talk show on TV where the topic of the day is nutrition and losing weight. The special guest Nutrition Ph.D. will reveal to the audience a day’s worth of eating. A veggie omelet for breakfast, raw nuts for snack, some fish and vegetables for lunch, some fruit in the afternoon, and a piece of chicken with veggies and a sweet potato for dinner (for example). The audience looks at the special guest in amazement, or a “really??” or “YES! I can do that!” type of look on their faces.

Are you telling me you didn’t know that, or something along those lines already?

It is not about counting calories, it is about eating foods that are REAL. If you were to put an “ingredients” label on your food, it should be one word. “Apple,” “Chicken,” “Spinach,” “Green beans (that’s two words I know),” and so on. This is almost a guarantee that the food you’re about to eat is healthy and will help you lose weight, gain muscle, sleep better, have more energy, and all the other things that comes along with a healthy person.

Here’s what I ate today;

  • A smoothie with vegan based protein powder (no I am not a vegan), organic spinach, 3 sticks of celery, frozen blueberries, unsweetened coconut milk, natural peanut butter, and ice was my breakfast.
  • I had raw almonds as a snack about an hour or two before lunch.
  • For lunch I had 3 whole eggs scrambled with brown rice and mixed minced veggies (zucchini, carrot, onion, peppers). I ate an organic apple for a snack.
  • For dinner, there is a rotisserie chicken ready to go, and I have asparagus baking/broiling right now!
  • If I am hungry later, which I most likely will be, I will have some sweet potato chips (I definitely do not recommend that, depending on your body fat levels) or some pecans/brazil nuts. The other option would be a casein based protein powder shake, or a hard boiled egg or two.