What are a few tips to keep your body ready and healthy surrounding all the 5K, 10K, obstacle runs, etc this summer?


Tier 4 Coaches at Equinox Franklin Street tell us how;


These obstacle runs are pretty good tests of true conditioning. They have you moving through every plane of motion, not just the sagittal plane like a typical run. You need to train for that. You can’t just be prepping for a routine run and then not training all of your stabilizers that help to keep you stable through all of our planes of motion. Lateral lunges, transverse lunges, some lateral bounding, and maybe some work on an unstable surface to prepare for some of the mud and various other surfaces you’ll be making your way through. These should all be included in strength workouts at least three times per week, in addition to your cardio work.

Aside from that, be sure you’re fueling. These runs require the entire body working as one unit. Fueling is key to getting you through any obstacle, especially when there’s a whole team you don’t want to let down. 5-6 small meals every day, focusing on the post-workout nutrition.


  • Running can be very repetitive. That’s why it tends to be a sport that involves many injuries. In order to mitigate your risk for injury, I would recommend the following;

  • Foam roll on a daily basis

  • Stretch your quads and hip flexors

  • Strength train, especially the posterior chain


  1. Think outside of the box of the sagittal plane. Move laterally more often in your workouts to protect yourself from injury.

  2. Set realistic goals for your races and write them down (i.e. average pace of 7:30 per mile; pass 10 people in the last 2 miles, etc.)

  3. Eat more. A lot of people run to lose weight which is fine, but we often find that those people are also very close to being catabolic. Fuel properly for your training and you’ll experience better results all around.


First of all, make sure you are training properly for these races. A 5k run is a lot different than an obstacle run. Second, make sure your recovery methods are sufficient – foam rolling, massage, rest, nutrition, stretching, and sleep are all necessary to keep your body in top shape. Third, add a little weight training and mobility work to your cardio workouts to keep your body strong and moving properly. Last but not least – hydrate!


A few easy ways to keep yourself in the game this summer all start with a periodized program. Set up your schedule of events or dates that are important to be in tip top shape and make a schedule to organize your work and rest ratio. The worst thing you can do is not be prepared for a race and try to over-train leading up to it. Having the proper recovery will be very important. Also if it’s an aesthetic goal, aka I want to look really good this particular day, give your body the time to make the change. The hard work in the winter and spring should have laid the groundwork for the summer body, so now it’s about the details. Save yourself from having to make huge changes in diet and exercise and make it sensible.That race will go much smoother with a better outcome and the body will respond with the minor critiques in nutrition, etc. Otherwise, get outside and stay active. That’s what the summer’s for. If you haven’t set up any challenges to keep your training on track, I suggest you sign up. It will help keep you striving for a goal and you’ll have some fun in the process. Goal setting and periodization take presence this summer.