Use your own body for maximum results – Vo2Max

VO2 LadiesVo2Max Fitness is a personal training studio that offers both private and group training. There is a 5 person max for group training to ensure each client is carefully monitored on their form and technique. Their team of experts will take you through workouts that don’t involve heavy machines or anything that plugs in, as you will use the power of your own bodyweight to experience a one-of-a-kind workout each time you visit the studio. Whether you feel like jumping into the boxing ring to throw some punches, flip a tractor tire, climb the Jacob’s Ladder, power through the battling ropes, or push a sled down the turf, Vo2Max will have something for you, no matter what your fitness level.

The CrewEach trainer at Vo2 brings their own niche to each client. For example, one trainer specializes in TRX training and Pre/post natal training. Another trainer has a chiropractic background and works well with those coming off injuries. There are also trainers with well established backgrounds in functional training and interval training. Lastly, they have boxing coaches there who can help you train like a boxer! Whatever your goal may be, they can hook you up with your best fit. They understand that each client is different and has unique goals. This is precisely why they hired a training team with varied backgrounds that can get any new member to their fitness goal, then help them set new goals. If you’re in shape, out of shape, have an injury, whether you’re young or old, looking to gain strength, muscle, lose weight, or just improve your overall health, Vo2 Max can cover it!

What separates Vo2 Max Fitness from other training studios is their ability to give a customized workout where you can learn the technique of boxing, use boxing as your means of conditioning in your private or group training sessions, and reap the benefits of training like a boxer! Vo2 says not to worry, because you’ll be punching pads and bags, not each other.

VO2Max Fitness is located in Needham Center at 948 Great Plain Avenue.