Ultimate Bootcamp Sand Workout
July 11, 2013
beach carson

Ultimate Bootcamp is continuing its master trainer special workout series on July 13th with a sand workout! This early morning workout will have participants utilizing the sand to amp up their burn. The Sand Workout is the second in a series of Master Trainer Special Workouts that will take place throughout the Summer.

Ultimate BootcampUltimate Bootcamp was started in 2004 by trainers Peter Lavelle and Jill Tomach. It was really one of the first bootcamp-like programs in Boston. Peter and Jill proved that any fitness level can work out and have fun doing it! Each trainer on staff has their own style of training, but they focus on movements and exercises that bootcamps are notorious for, such as drills, obstacle courses, partner relays, bodyweight exercises and more. They’ll even use the natural surroundings to challenge the participants like hills, park benches, and whatever else is available!

What: Sand Workout with Master Trainer Kim D.

When: Saturday, July 13th, 7 am to 8:15 am

Where: Carson Beach, South Boston

Price: $25. Advance registration required at http://ultimatebootcamp.com/Community/events.aspx

Workout Description: A little bit of sand goes a LONG way. You’ll run in it, you’ll lie in it, you’ll carry it, you’ll own it. After 75 minutes in the sand, you’ll never look at the beach the same way again.

Ultimate Bootcamp!