Training for Warriors Boston


The coaches of Training for Warriors Boston base their classes around the idea that anyone can make you tired, but true coaching makes you better. The TFW Boston team focuses on results, not gimmicks, and aims to have everyone leave each session sweating, handing out high-fives, and ready to take on the world.

How do they make this happen?

Each workout, which takes place on the Boston Common, consists of a blend of strength training and conditioning done at an intensity that elicits a metabolic response. A signature of TFW is the “hurricane.” We all know a hurricane to be a powerful storm that creates a disturbance long after it has run its course. In the TFW workout, the storm consists of a combination of sprinting and resistance training that creates muscle confusion which eventually makes you stronger by keeping your muscles building even after you’ve completed the session.

The TFW program puts an emphasis on relative strength as opposed to absolute strength, so classes consist of exercises using your own body weight such as pull-ups, push-ups, squats and hinges. Throughout each class, the main focus is on improving biomechanics and ensuring each participant has proper technique.


The TFW system was developed by Martin Rooney to help elite athletes train for the UFC, NFL, and Olympics and has since been adapted to help anyone achieve their personal fitness goals. Nathan Irizarry, certified Strength and Condition Specialist, nutrition coach and TFW Level 2 Coach, and Stan Dutton, TFW Level 2 Coach and graduate of the American Academy of Personal Training saw a void to fill in the Boston fitness community and feel that TFW is the perfect fit. Dutton pointed out that many workout plans consist of over-the-top, one-size-fits all training techniques, but their philosophy at TFW is to help each individual do not only his or her personal best, but also create the safest and most effective workout for that individual based on their level of training.

“We could have someone that is untrained performing a hurricane side-by-side with a college athlete, but the programming and intensities will be much different,” says Dutton.

Because of the focus on individualization, TFW is a program that anyone can benefit from. Dutton points out, “TFW is becoming more and more popular with females because it uses strength training to accomplish a variety of goals, rather than be the goal in and of itself.”


So if a workout at includes “smiling, sweating and a lot of high-fives” sounds like you’re kind of fitness? Try out TFW Boston at their kick off jam this Saturday!

TFW Boston Kickoff Jam

Saturday, Sept. 7th


Boston Common

The event will include running their signature ‘hurricanes’ as well as obstacle courses and warrior challenges. There will also be giveaways from businesses including, City Sports, SweetGreen and Boloco. Bring your friends, and bring out the warrior within!

For more information and to stay up to date on the class schedule ‘like’ TFW Boston on Facebook, follow them on Instagram (@TFWBoston) and check out their website.