Top core exercises NOT performed on the ground

chopWe asked the Equinox Tier 4 training team what their favorite core exercises that are NOT performed lying down were.. here’s what they had to say..


Top three non-prone or supine exercises:
1/2 kneeling single arm cable chest press
Rack Pulls
Stability Ball Roll Out
My favorite core exercises not done on the floor are:
1/2 kneeling chops and lifts
Ab wheel or stability ball roll outs
Unilateral carries (farmer’s walks)


1) Heavy compound lifts (ex squat, deadlift, overhead press)
2) cable chops and lifts
3) Paloff Press band or cable

Dan Evangelisto

Kettle bell Front Squats

When done properly, these are a great anterior core exercise.
Rollouts (typically swiss ball)
Once again, these provide a great anterior core exercise.  The goal should be to resist extension of the lumbar spine.  I can guarantee a majority of the population does these incorrectly.  Using the swiss ball makes it a little bit easier but allows proper performance.
Full Kneeling Landmine Anti-rotation
This acts as a great anti-rotation core exercise.  These are also done incorrectly a majority of the time.  Going into a full kneeling position allows the emphasis to be on the hip and core to prevent rotation.