Three Tips for the Best Training Experience


Move Efficiently
As a CrossFit coach and competitor, I preach that CrossFit is about moving well. Competitions aside, my goal for all my members is to help each and every person move to the best of their ability, in hopes that they will carry this over into their life outside of the gym.

If people move properly, they are less likely to injure themselves and more apt to live a longer, healthier life. If this is what we teach in CrossFit, then why change it for competitors? Every movement we do in CrossFit has proper form for a reason: it is the most efficient way to perform that movement, and it is this level of proficiency that allows an athlete to perform at an elite level.

Listen To Your Body
Listen to your body and take care of it. You should not thrive off of joint pain or sharp/acute pains, but instead figure out why you’re feeling that pain and how to care for it—whether it’s as simple as taking a needed rest day or listening to eight weeks of doctor’s orders. Remember, the ultimate goal of CrossFit is to improve your health and well being.

As far as taking care of your body, you need to understand the caliber of athlete you are. If your training goal is to compete in the CrossFit Games, then you are training at an elite level. You need to take precautions to keep your body functioning at its highest capability. In addition to following a strict training regime, a proper nutrition and recovery program is an equal must.

Have Fun
Most importantly, make sure you are having fun. If you aren’t enjoying the process of your training then you need to change something. Why did you get into this sport? If you’re answer is because it’s fun and you enjoy doing it, you need to make sure you continue feeling that way or else you won’t continue with this sport.

Of course, as any athlete knows, there will be days when you feel miserable. Days when you come in dead last, finish two minutes slower or lift twenty pounds lighter than your previous PR. Days when you can’t seem to catch a glimpse of enjoyment during the whole two-hour training session. Know that you not only showed up, but you finished the drill, and only you can feel that deep sense of accomplishment as others think you’re walking away defeated. This is what being an athlete is all about.

Jessa Lemoine is a head coach at Reebok CrossFit Back Bay and a CrossFit Games Competitor.