The Insta-Booty Lift with Hanneke

Monday Moves with Hanneke;


Step 1 a & b: Double Leg Stretch: Start with head, neck and shoulders lifted and knees in table top as in 1a. Keeping head, neck and shoulders lifted high of the mat, move legs and arms to position 1b, then return to 1a. Repeat 10 times. Keep abdominals in and up. This exercise targets your abdominals.


Step 2: Modified Swimming – start kneeling with right leg and left arm extended as in picture. Lower and lift arm and leg simultaneously up and down, keeping movement small 8 times slow and 8 times fast. Repeat on other leg. Be sure to keep shoulders away from ears, abdominal muscles engaged and try to keep your back from bending or extending. This exercise targets upper back, abs and butt.


Step 3: Shoulder Bridge – Lie on back, bum lifted with right leg in the air as in picture. Keeping hips square to ground, lower and lift hips 8 times. Repeat on other leg. Keep your shoulders relaxed and squeeze your bum tight with every lift! This exercise targets butt, hamstrings and abs.


Step 4: Heel Squeezes – Lie on tummy as in picture. Squeezing heels and lifting knees just a little, pulse up 10 times squeezing your bum with every pulse. Remember to keep your abdominal muscles pulling in and up, keep your lower back from arching. This exercise targets hamstrings and butt.

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