Thanksgiving Fitness Tips with Equinox- Franklin st

We asked the Tier 4 training staff at Equinox Franklin street for some quick tips to maintain, or even gain progress on your fitness goals around Thanksgiving. Here’s what they had to say…


Susan Hart:

1. Workout Thursday morning.

Seriously. You will feel amazing that you did this, and chances are will make better food choices because of it. And even if you do go a little over the top, guess what, you at least got a workout in. Holidays don’t mean you get a “free pass” from working out. Quite the opposite actually.


1) Turkey Trot (most towns have em’!)

2) Early morning run on your own or even better, with a family member in town for the holiday.

3) 5 exercises. 5 tabatas. 20 minutes and you’re done.

4) Or do what I’m doing! Two hour heat vinyasa with my dad! Four years later, it’s now a tradition. Look up some yoga studios, chances are they’ll have one! (And a Friday heated yoga post thanksgiving detox! Most yoga studios have those too!)


Jason Skinner:

Eat anything and everything that you have a craving for. On Friday, resume your normal healthy lifestyle. In the overall scheme of things, holidays easily fall into the 10% of the 90 (clean) / 10 (cheat) strategy.


Ali Arnow:

1. Don’t starve yourself before Thanksgiving dinner! If you arrive starving you won’t be able to resist all the nutritional pitfalls. Have your normal meals beforehand so you can limit yourself on the party food.

2. Keep training – try to keep your regular schedule training schedule.

3. Don’t drink your calories. Those holiday cocktails can contain a lot of calories.

4. Enjoy your holiday! Holidays only come around once in while. Allow yourself a  few bites of your favorite foods without going overboard. When the holiday is over, get back on plan.



Dan Evangelisto:

To maintain or enhance your progress during the holidays i would look at the specific day of the holiday as a day of relief from all of the hard work you have been putting in. The best thing you CAN do on these occasions are to cut your portion size down,and eat more frequently. I find the trouble is when people extend the gluttony for a prolonged period. The tendency to do this is what throws momentum off of the prior progress. The worst thing you can do is guilt yourself for indulging in the day, it is not going to throw off your progress by enjoying the food and drink, just remember what your overall goals are. You’ve worked hard and have been disciplined give he psychological side a break as well as the physical!


Brandon Kolar:

If you’re someone who is always dieting then a day or two of going off the diet, eating everything in sight while focusing on the healthy aspects of holiday food, and keeping up your workouts can be a huge boost to your metabolism and energy.  If you’re always focused on eating cleanly and never losing control with quality foods and/or portion control then hitting a short term overload of calories will have your body responding in a positive manner.  If you’re looking to lose body fat, the body will believe there is plenty of food coming in and actually shed some fat, and if you’re looking to gain lean mass, then the surplus is where you should be eating on a regular basis anyway.  It’s one day.  Have at it with the clean foods of turkey and vegetables and then add in some of the foods you would typically be eating less of.

This training staff is located at Equinox on Franklin street in the Financial District of Boston