Take Your Workout to the TMXtreme


The TMX in TMX Boxing Academy, which recently opened in Randolph, stands for Traft McDonough Xtreme which is an accurate description for what the academy has in store for you.


Founders Billy Traft and Marty McDonough

Billy Traft and Marty McDonough are the owners of TMX Boxing Academy and both have extensive boxing experience. Traft, who was trained by McDonough, is the New England Golden Gloves 2004/2005 champion and went professional in 2012 after winning at the Dorchester Armory, Gillette Stadium and the Boston Garden with a record of 3-0. When he isn’t boxing, Traft is a Boston police officer with the gang unit and helps run a boxing program for kids out of the Murphy Community Center in Dorchester. McDonough, trained as a kid at the Municipal McDonough Gym in South Boston and competed in the Golden Gloves. Today, McDonough is a certified USA Boxing Coach and a licensed professional boxing trainer who recently became the 2013 National Master Boxing Champion.

The pair has been working together for four years with their work including training multiple “Silver Mitten” champions. This year, they decided to use their skills and interests to open up TMX Boxing Academy in July.

So, that explains that ‘T’ and the ‘M’ but where does the ‘X’ for Xtreme come in? In your workout, of course. Classes consist of jumping rope, shadow boxing, punching heavy bags, hitting mitts with the trainers, weight training and ab work to help you burn over 1,000 calories per class. All classes are led by two trainers to ensure everyone gets personalized attention and help to achieve their specific fitness goals.

Along with group classes, TMX Boxing Academy also offers private training sessions with Traft and McDonough as well as Michael Culbert and McDonough’s daughter, Sarah McDonough. Culbert, the former Massachusetts middleweight, super middle weight and New England light heavyweight champion boxed professionally against Roberto Duran and Micky Ward as an amateur. Sarah McDonough, a certified personal trainer, teaches classes that offer a combination of boxing drills, plyometric body weight circuit and weight training.

There is no need to be intimidated by the staff’s impressive experience nor the word “Xtreme” because TMX Boxing Academy has something for everyone, including children’s classes on Saturday mornings. The TMX staff is dedicated to giving back to the community and donates the proceeds of one class to a local charity each month.

No matter what type of class you taking at TMX Boxing Academy, the staff is happy to help you  stay hydrated and obtain a healthy balance of nutritional benefits by offering Aqua Hydrate water.

For more information, check out TMX Boxing Academy on Facebook or visit their website at TMXBoxing.com. You can also check out our Facebook promotion to enter to win three free classes at TMX Boxing Academy!

TMX Boxing Academy
727 South Main Street
Randolph, MA