Supplement Review: Femme Factor’s Body Fit

It’s finally here, ladies—a fitness supplement designed just for us. And I have to say, I’m a pretty big fan.

Body Fit launched this summer as the first product to hit the market from Femme Factor, a sports nutrition brand designed exclusively for a female audience. Femme Factor is dedicated to providing products and inspiration to help women at all levels break through whatever personal barriers stand in their way.FemmeFactor_BodyFit BoxBottle copy

Rest assured, this isn’t just another men’s supplement with a pink label slapped on it. Body Fit was designed from scratch to meet the specific goals of women by a team of Harvard and MIT graduates.

Since I started taking Body Fit, it has definitely helped me reach my specific goals. I first started taking the supplement while attending HACKFit, a weekend long tech and fitness-based start-up competition that encourages participants to stay active and eat healthy foods. Just when I was starting to drain out, myself and a teammate took some Body Fit pills and had the energy to do an impromptu hip hip yoga class followed-up 100 sit-ups and immediately get back to designing, editing and preparing for our presentation for the next day.

After HACKFit, I jumped back into my normal hectic schedule (as I’m sure all of you can relate to) and Body Fit continued to help me get through the day and have a great workout. I’m a Zumba Fitness® Instructor, but I also have an hour-and-a-half long commute into the city at the moment, so sometimes it’s hard for me to maintain the energy throughout the day to provide the energetic class that my students deserve. I take Body Fit in the morning with breakfast and water and then again before my class and I’ve noticed a positive difference in my ability to pump up my students and keep the energy up throughout the entire class.

I do have to admit, before trying Femme Factor’s Body Fit, I was a bit nervous. I’m a member of that small percentage who always seems to experience the side effects that no one else does. But because Body Fit was so careful about choosing natural and safe ingredients, as long as I stayed hydrated and didn’t intake other caffeine, I not only felt fine, but more energized and focused all around.

The ingredients include caffeine, EGCG (natural compound found in green tea that boosts your metabolism), Svetol® (green coffee bean extract that oxidizes fat), Razberi-K® (raspberry ketones: natural compounds found in raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries), Garcinia Cambogia Extract (contains the commonly used appetite suppressant, hydroxycitric acid), Saffron Extract (spice used in many cultures to control appetite), and CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine (amino acid to help improve endurance).

Another small detail that I enjoy about Body Fit is that it’s not some big chalky thing that tastes disgusting. It’s not only a manageable size, but it actually tastes like raspberries when sitting on my tongue.

However, the aspect that I enjoy the most about Body Fit is that I do not feel jittery or energized to the point where I can’t focus. I can have a great workout and reduce by appetite as well as stay focused on work for my job. Body Fit is helping me reach my fitness goals, but also giving me the ability to reach my personal and career goals.

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