Strength and Conditioning for Life and Sport – The Weight Room

Semi-Private Training

The Weight Room is a 3000 square foot strength and conditioning facility that specializes in designing comprehensive, individualized training programs to prepare for any type of physical endeavor. With their training programs based on science and not the latest fad, and equipment utilized in the interest of results and not industry buzz, they are the final step in your quest for physical excellence. The Weight Room practices what they preach, too!

Sports Specific TrainingThey are staffed with veteran strength and conditioning coaches who are certified through organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting, Z-Health, Charles Poliquin International Certification Program, USA Track and Field, and more. Combined, these coaches have helped prepare athletes from the high school level to division 1 college and professional ranks. These athletes compete in sports such as wrestling, mixed martial arts, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, track and field, you name it! The coaches also have extensive expertise in designing and implementing comprehensive training programs for weekend warriors and general fitness enthusiasts looking to make a serious long-term commitment to their health. The programs are all designed with intent to enhance joint mobility, power and strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility, all with the individual client’s goals in mind.

One on One Training

The Weight Room truly is strength and conditioning for life and sport, as they always say. This place is for anyone looking to make a serious commitment to their long term health. What makes The Weight Room stand out is all of their clients get some level of guidance with their training because even those clients who have a General Membership and train on their own, still go through an evaluation and get a new individualized training program every 4-6 weeks. Usually, most fitness centers or gyms will charge additional fees for personalized programming. The Weight Room is packed with some of the top coaches in New England who have “been there, done that” in terms of strength training and athletics. It’s a relief to know that when you’re being coached and you’re training hard, your coach knows how you feel because they’ve been there, too!

The Weight Room is located at 90 Oak st in Newton.