Dance Your Way Into Shape With So Fly Fitness

Johnna 2010

Getting in shape and shedding those excess pounds can be hard work, but with So Fly Fitness—a studio that focuses on dance-based fitness classes—getting in shape can be a whole lot of fun.

Owner Johnna Baca created the So Fly Fitness concept in 2010, trademarking her own format for a new kind of dance class that yields extreme fitness results. Using the latest and most popular urban music from the hip hop, Latin and reggaeton genres, Baca choreographs cardio-intense dance workouts made for anyone.

From teenagers to stay-at-home moms, So Fly Fitness attracts anyone who wants to change their appearance and gain confidence, health and happiness along the way. The gym helps clients develop a clear mind-body connection, one that challenges the typical, and often unsuccessful, approaches to fitness.

Aside from the hour-long dance-based classes, So Fly Fitness also offers personal training and two “challenge options” for clients who are seeking a longer-term commitment. The 8 Week Challenge is described as a “quick fix” for those who are looking for a little motivation and need some accountability. For a lifestyle overhaul, the gym offers the Six Month Challenge, a more intensive program for those who are tired of ineffective fad diets and half-hearted gym commitments.

Baca herself is proof enough that the So Fly method works, having struggled with her weight in the early 2000s. After JB Green Top Stretchgiving birth to two baby boys in a short amount of time, Baca’s weight shot up to 225 pounds and with it came a short bout of depression. But after choosing to battle her depression with a commitment to her fitness and health, Baca got herself back in shape by way of her own method: a combination of dance, fitness and sports. From her own journey, So Fly Fitness and its unique approach to working out was born, and continues to transform the fitness lives of its clients today.

So Fly Fitness is located at 728 Plymouth Street #8 in Holbrook, Ma. For more information, visit or visit the So Fly Fitness Facebook page.
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