Should FitHouse Be Your New Fitness Home?


FitHouse, a new cycle and training studio in Woburn, characterizes itself as a fitness boutique. If you aren’t familiar with the trend, it means you are going to get a truly one-of-a-kind experience that is both a physical workout and a mental refresher in a welcoming and fun environment. And that is exactly what FitHouse brings to the table.

Founder and Instructor, Britt Vitello

In a studio designed to feel like a club or a concert complete with a motivational light show, cycles set up like stadium seating, and a sound system blasting high-energy music ranging from house, electronic, rock, hip-hop and disco, FitHouse offers signature cycle and training classes. Each class at the family-owned studio, located at 6 Cummings Park, is led by experienced trainers including founder Brittany ‘Britt’ Vitello.

The venue was formerly a women’s gym, but FitHouse, which opened in May, is for anyone and everyone. “It is a coed studio,” says co-founder, business director and Britt’s brother, Kirk Vitello. “From teenagers, to moms, young and old, [Fit House is for] people who want to step up their workouts and get into the best shape of their lives.”

The staff at FitHouse stresses that no matter who walks through their door, they want them to feel welcome. “We go after the community feel where everyone is comfortable. We personally get to know each person who comes in and we build relationships off of that,” says Kirk, commenting that the sense of community is one of the aspects that helps FitHouse stand apart from other studios.

Along with the fun atmosphere and the community feel, the studio has many other qualities that create a unique experience for their guests, including:

  • Signature classes such as the ‘Boston Ride’ which provides participants with extra strength and endurance training to make them feel as though they are going for an outdoor ride 
  • The option to plan a “Fitness Party” for special occasions such as ‘Bridal Bootcamp’ or a girl’s night out (complete with a post-workout bottle of champagne)
  • Specially designed locker rooms that exude a hotel-like atmosphere
  • And an in-house nutritionist

In fact, each experience you have at FitHouse is guaranteed to be different from the last. “With high energy music and motivating instructors you’ll never hear the same playlist or workout to the same routine,” says Britt. Kirk stresses the importance of switching things up, saying, “Me and my sister literally meet every week and discuss what we can do this week that’s going to be new and fresh.”
Panorama Train Room_FitHouse

If you’re interested in trying out FitHouse, a great place to start is with two special classes they are having this week:

FitHouse’s Greatest Hits 1000 Ride Thursday, August 29 – 6:00 p.m.
Prepping for the Labor Day weekend by cycling to burn 1,000 calories in approximately 75 minutes! DJ KC, FitHouse’s official DJ, will pump up the class by laying some of FitHouse’s most popular tracks from the summer. Britt will kick the class into high gear through a series of cycling and strength exercises on the bike.
Cost: $25.00

Special Perk Alert: Participants who sign-up for and attend this special class will receive 25% off retail merchandise or specific FitHouse training and workout packages!

20-20-20 Friday, August 30 – 8:00 a.m.
Before taking off for the long weekend, join Britt for 20 minutes of cycle, 20 minutes of mat exercises and then back to cycle for the last 20 minutes.
Cost: $20.00

If you can’t make it to those classes, feel free to stop in anytime and the FitHouse staff would be happy to give you a tour and help you choose the best classes for you.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Facebook contest for a chance to win three FREE classes at FitHouse!

6 Cummings Park
Woburn, MA
For more information visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@fithouseboston).