Rustic Home Cooking in Southie

Rustic Home Cooking in Southie

Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant is Southie’s newest hot spot bringing you rustic home cooking. Cutting no corners, Lincoln offers fresh, local produce and amazing food and drinks in an atmosphere that is both fun and inviting.

After your meal, you stay an extra few hours to watch the game or kick back with your friends at the bar which extends from one end of the restaurant to the other in the front and back rooms. This is easy to do with endless beers on tap, a huge cocktail list, and scratch made bar snacks that could rival any five-star restaurant in town.

Nick Dixon, Executive Chef has been in the kitchen professionally for over 15 years and knows the value of cooking from scratch. This is precisely why the pasta is hand rolled daily at this West Broadway haven.

You can’t talk about Lincoln without mentioning the wood-fired oven! There are a variety of scratch made dishes, such as their Neapolitan style wood fired Marinara pizza! The Marinara pizza consists of fresh handmade dough that is light and crispy (thank you wood-fired oven). It’s then gracefully coated with imported San Marzano tomatoes, a little bit of fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil (omega 3 healthy fat) and topped with oregano, shaken directly from the plant! The way this pizza is prepared offers a healthy and delicious option. Pizza won’t get you ripped, but the way it is done at Lincoln is a relief in the sense that you can have a “cheat” meal, without the guilt, because you will get some high quality nutrition out of the dish.

The wood fired chicken wings at Lincoln are a huge hit. They start off with a nice spicy dry rub, and then they are roasted in the wood fired oven, and finished off on their wood fired grill. These wings are delicious and nutritious. The high quality, all natural chicken, combined with Chef Nick’s culinary twist, leaves you without regret. The skin on the wings are nutritious, too. That’s right; skin on chicken has high quality monounsaturated fats as well as good quality saturated fat. The way most restaurants deep fry the wings causes them to decline rapidly in nutritional value and increase the caloric density. Typically saturated fat is seen as a bad thing, but in a well-balanced diet, all fats can be beneficial to our health.

For fitness enthusiasts, it’s a relief when you come across a place like Lincoln. Fresh, whole ingredients are essential to any nutrition plan. When you start adding preservatives, fillers, binders, and over processing foods, you start running into health risks. These foreign ingredients can disrupt your endocrine system (your hormones), make it extremely difficult for your body to detoxify, remain healthy and can make you fat! Fresh, local produce will make all the difference in the world. Lincoln gets their produce from local farms around New England (check out to learn more). The less time fruit and vegetables spend traveling around the globe, the higher the nutritional value, and the cleaner the food will be.

Exclusive offer brought to you by Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant and Boston Fitness Magazine: From now until February 28th, 2013 receive a complimentary beer or wine with purchase of any entree, limit one per person! – to take advantage of this offer, simply mention Boston Fitness Magazine before ordering!

Lincoln Restaurant and Tavern is located at 425 W Broadway, South Boston, MA