Reebok Opens First FitHub Store in Boston

On October 8, the South Shore Plaza in Braintree welcomed Reebok as they opened a new kind of store for fitness enthusiasts everywhere. The company’s new store—Reebok FitHub—aims to be a haven for those interested in exercise and fitness. Offering the brand’s typical footwear and apparel selection, FitHub also boasts a new element to customers: expert advice and information about healthy living and exercise from the store’s on-site team of specialists. All of the staff at FitHub have a fitness background; some are even CrossFit, dance, yoga and running coaches. For more information about the store and its mission for the full fitness experience, check out their press release below.



OCTOBER 8, 2013: Today, Reebok continues its mission to empower people to be fit for life with the launch of the first ever Reebok FitHub concept store in the Boston-area at South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MA. Designed to inspire people to move, to train, to get fit and have fun doing it, and to showcase the brand’s pinnacle footwear and apparel offering, Reebok FitHub South Shore offers a new way of thinking about fitness and is THE destination for those dedicated to living a fit lifestyle.

The retail store, which is part of a 20 store retail pilot program in the U.S. and U.K., (with 10 stores being opened in each market) is inspired by elements found in fitness studios, gyms and CrossFit boxes. Like a gym, the environment is raw, creative and innovative with customers being immersed in fitness as soon as they enter the store. Once inside, fitness enthusiasts can expect to receive expert advice, guidance and information on living a healthy lifestyle from the FitHub’s team of specialists who range from fully qualified personal trainers to Running, CrossFit, Dance and Yoga coaches.

All FitHub staff are passionate about health and fitness and have a strong fitness background enabling them to work with customers to help them select the best products for their workouts as well as provide training tips and general health and lifestyle advice. This includes a Reebok Fitness Ambassador on staff, who will work to create strong partnerships between the store, its customers and the local fitness community.

To encourage consumers to get active, Reebok will also be offering a range of inclusive sessions led by health and fitness experts from within the Reebok community. This includes a number of FREE workout classes at the FitHub each week of which details will be displayed via the in store Reebok Community Board.

The store is not just a shopping destination but is also designed to be a social hub for fitness communities. The Reebok Community Board is also a place where customers can learn how to get involved with local events, discover new workouts and learn about local gyms and instructors. At the center of the store is the ‘Fit Desk’, where fitness enthusiasts can learn about Reebok and its latest product technologies.

The store will carry pinnacle product from Reebok’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, with some products exclusive to the FitHub. This premium footwear and apparel collection features Reebok’s most advanced technology and materials, for optimal performance and comfort.

Uli Becker, President of Reebok North America, commented, “We’re extremely excited to open the first Reebok FitHub in our own backyard. The FitHub is perhaps the best example of our commitment to empowering people to live active, healthy lives. When consumers walk into our FitHubs, they receive a full fitness experience like no other. We believe the store can inspire people to get moving, and will become THE destination for the fitness community.”

Reebok FitHub South Shore is part of an ever-expanding global network of concept stores, which includes the U.K., Korea, Russia, Dubai and other markets. Earlier this month, Reebok opened the first-ever FitHub in the U.K. in London’s Covent Garden.

Reebok FitHub South Shore is the second FitHub in the U.S. Reebok opened its first U.S. FitHub on 5th Avenue in New York in 2012. The success of that FitHub prompted the current 20 store retail pilot program in the U.S. and U.K.