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Reebok is all about fitness. Fitness is what brings Reebok employees to the office every day and it’s what drives them. Their innovative technologies are getting better and better each season, all with the athlete and optimal performance in mind. Reebok gave Boston Fitness Magazine a full tour of their campus, put us through a killer Crossfit workout, and broke down the evolution of their crossfit and lifestyle sneakers and apparel. Every little detail down to the stitching, literally, is strategically placed and there for a reason.

reebok nanoThere were three functional shoe designs shown to us at Reebok, one for power, one for versatility, and one for speed. Coming soon, are the Crossfit Nano 3.0 built for versatility. They feature a natural last shape in the toes which enables full foot dispersion when landing from jumps or natural foot movements. They have lateral and medial protection for rope climbing, anti-friction lining to reduce abrasion and heat build up, as well as PU casting for light support and upper stability. This new Nano will have improved structure, optimized flexibility and traction, as well as improved cushioning.

For the Olympic Lifting days, you’ll have the Oly Plus. This shoe features an elevated heal for olympic lifting technique, new customization with the lighter, thinner Uform+, increased stability with dual opposing velcro strap, and this shoe is lighter than any olympic lifting shoe available. The last shoe was Reebok showed us was designed for speed. The Nano Speed was built for the days where you need to run, while keeping the Crossfit athlete in mind, in case you have to go from running, right into another exercise. The shoe offers midfoot stability, outsole durability and traction, duragrip toe protection, as well as CRTEK mid-foot wrap for protection. Reebok cuts no corners and spends time researching and developing each and every angle of every shoe for optimal performance.

crossfitThe new clothing coming out in the Fall is impressive as well. With new fabrics, new technology, and new designs, Reebok is staying on the cutting edge. The stitching placement on the shirts is located in unique areas to optimize mobility, movement, and performance. The logos and images are placed with tattoo’s in mind. In other words, people rarely tattoo the center of their chest, so Reebok puts logos and images where tattoos may be, such as the ribs, or the shoulder blade. We were amazed how the Reebok team literally broke down every inch and angle of their shorts, shirts, sneakers, and even underwear, ALL with optimal performance for athletes in mind.

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