Raising the Barre in Back Bay

What happens when you essentially combine a bunch of different successful exercise methodologies, and bring them into one system? You get Pure Barre. “The results speak for themselves,” says Lauren Marett Sherman, owner of Pure Barre Boston. Pure Barre puts an emphasis on target areas such as glutes, thighs, core, shoulders and arms.

The workouts can be tailored to accommodate ALL fitness levels because there are regressions and progressions to all of their exercises. Whether you are “just getting off the couch” or if you’re a competitive athlete, Pure Barre can work for you. Participants are noticing results in as little as 2-3 weeks.

The system works through isometric muscle actions or through small concentric and eccentric movement. Isometric simply means the muscle length does not change during the exercise. For example, if you performed a bicep curl and just held the weight with your arm at ninety degrees. You can imagine after some time, your arm would be on fire. Concentric and eccentric simply means your muscle will shorten and lengthen during the movement, such as a standard bicep curl; you would curl the weight up (concentric) and lower the weight down (eccentric).

Coming in February, Pure Barre Boston will be offering a “Bring on the Men” class where you can bring your boyfriend, husband, or significant other so they can see how tough they really are!

Also, coming in February, will be a “Breaking down the Barre” tutorial class. This class will give participants an inside look as to what each movement is all about, where you should “feel it” and why, as well as a Q and A session at the conclusion of the class.

Additionally, Pure Barre Back Bay offers a retail outlet with a wide variety of workout pants, shirts, bracelets and much more.

Get ready to “lift, tone, and burn” at Pure Barre!

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Pure Barre Boston is located at 350 Newbury Street, Boston, MA