Protection and Proprioception – New Balance

MINIMUS_10v2_ROADNew Balance sent us their all-new Minimus 10v2 sneaker. The shoe is great for those who require protection and proprioception, which is everyone! Keeping the minimalist shoe features in mind, this is the result of a complete overhaul and reconfiguration. New Balance teamed up with Vibram to deliver a lightweight and cushioned ride and durability for miles of training.


Some of the features for the Minimus 10v2 includes the Vibram outsole, which offers flexibility in key areas and appropriate rubber placement in others to allow the foot to strike naturally. The upper part of the show utilizes fewer materials and less foam, which translates to a natural fit and feel. Much like their Minimus Zero, the 10v2 features a mono-tongue construction that wraps the mid-foot in a secure, burrito-like fit.

The 10v2 takes inspiration from the fit and feel of the Minimus Zero, but is more closely aligned with the rest of the New Balance collection, so runners will be pleasantly surprised with the unique experience it delivers. We highly recommend this show because it offers so much proprioception and protection. Proprioception means your foot can move freely and FEEL the ground and how the bodies natural bio-mechanics are supposed to work. If your foot can’t move freely, then there will be an entire series of other compensations throughout the whole movement chain once your foot hits the ground with each stride. That said, the protection is just right, so you don’t hurt your feet!

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