Pilates Fitness Secrets: Sculpted Abs Part 4
April 25, 2013
Pilates Fitness Secrets: Sculpted Abs Part 4

Presented by Zayna from Boston Body Pilates;

Pilates Fitness Secrets with Boston Body Program Director Zayna Gold presents its final episode of the Sulpted Abs series:  Criss-Cross Killer Obliques.  Zayna breaks down this exercise last for a reason.  It’s very easy to do this exercise wrong without using your oblique’s effectively.  Oblique work builds upon the simple Ab Curl in Sculpted Abs Part 1.  Keep our three secrets in order to achieve proper form and isolate your obliques so they can’t hide!

Do this Criss-Cross Killer Obliques with the Abdominal Curl, Legs Lower & Lifts, and Pilates Planks to get the full abdominal workout in less than 12 minutes.