Pilates Fitness Secrets: Sculpted Abs Part 3

Presented by Zayna from Boston Body Pilates;

Boston Body’s video series, Pilates Fitness Secrets, presents its third episode of the Sculpted Abs series:  The Plank.  Boston Body owner Zayna Gold demonstrates The Plank, a beautiful, commonly used exercise in the gym.   Learn the three secrets to The Plank so you can maintain proper form and feel a great head to toe workout while making the inner core burn.  Whether you’re doing sets of planks or incorporating them into a push-up regimen, it’s important to focus on form so your core, and not your back, is stabilizing your entire body.

Doing the plank in conjunction with the Abdominal Curl, and Leg Lower & Lifts,  will sculpt abs from top to bottom, burn your lower core, and connect the inner core muscles to stabilize the entire body.

Learn how to achieve sculpted abs in this 4 part series that will burn fat, stabilize your core, and  build strength in hard to reach areas like your lower abs, and oblique’s.