Pilates Fitness Secrets: Sculpted Abs Part 2

Presented by Zayna from Boston Body Pilates;

Welcome to Sculpted Abs Part 2:  Legs Lower and Lift!  This exercise is something you probably see people doing in the gym every time you head in.  It’s a very effective workout when done correctly.  When done incorrectly, you may start to notice that burn going to unintended places like your lower back, hips, and pelvis.

The lower abdominal region gets a makeover with these Leg Lower & Lifts.  Do Legs Lower & Lift correctly and it will sculpt the biggest challenge most have with their abs:  Below the navel area.  Watching someone do this at a gym is not enough to do it on your own.  In Zayna Gold’s Sculpted Abs series you’ll learn the three secrets to doing this so you feel it right where you’re intending to.  Our abdominal muscles run from above the pubic bone all the way up to your rib cage.  Our lower abs below our navel can be the biggest challenge.  This week Zayna gives you easy to follow tips on how to hollow out this key area with Leg Lower & Lifts.   Done improperly, leg lowers can give you a muscular little pouch that none of us want.

Last week’s Abdominal Curl focused on sculpting abs top to bottom.   Add this 3 minute Leg Lowers & Lifts for additional strength and tone below the belt for the Summer!