Pilates Fitness Secrets: Butt Lifting Series 2

Presented by Zayna from Boston Body Pilates;

Butt Lifting Series Part Two features the Pilates Shoulder Bridge. Each Butt Lift exercise shows you how to tone, strengthen and reshape your buttocks and back thighs. Shoulder Bridge is a triple threat because not only does it work your glutes and hamstrings to fatigue, it also works to strengthen your entire back and inner core. This exercise is more advanced than the ab curl, which is why you really need to pay attention to Zayna Gold’s three Pilates Fitness Secrets.

Here are the 3 secrets to proper form that will give you the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. 1. Keep your spine long and strong for a neutral or imprinted pelvis – this targets and isolates the buttock and hamstring muscles. 2. Send a mind body connection to your gluteal area by hugging the sits bones together each time you lift your bottom up. This has been proven to create more muscle engagement and sculpts the entire area more effectively. 3. As you lift into shoulder bridge press your feet firmly through the floor. Press evenly through big toe and little toe. This ensure that all of the hamstring muscles are engaged for equal tone in the center and the inner and outer back thigh area. Focusing on these 3 tips throughout each repetition will give you the results you’ve been waiting for. Watch all the way through for two extra variations for killer results!