New Balance – Fall Gear 2013

rc1400Let’s face it, Summer is coming to an end. The good news is all the newest technologies in athletic apparel from brands like New Balance are coming out for Fall. New Balance is bringing back one of their best sellers, the 1400 racing flat, yet they’ve made some upgrades. The new 1400v2 has upgraded materials and it is lighter weight. These kicks are very similar to the 1400, because if it isnt broke, you shouldn’t fix it. However, we noticed they’ve enhanced the geometry of the outsole and the use of blown rubber reduces chance of slippage and increase durability.

women revWe also tried their all new Minimus lonix 3090v2. The heel to footdrop is less than their 1400v2, so you can work with your body’s natural gait patterns, but the cushioning is there as well. We took these out on a track, as well as hitting our hill sprints. These kicks allow your foot and ankle to move as they were designed to, but the technology in the cushioning keeps your feet healthy and ready to go for the next workout.

Lastly, we gave their new Tri-Viz jacket. We went for a night run in the Cape this weekend rocking this jacket. The colors and fabrics help keep you visible at night. Also, these jackets feature a glow-in-the-dark luminance, which may be one of a kind. The jacket kept us warm but it was breathable so we didn’t overheat. The new zipper technology is smooth so you won’t blue jacketirritate your skin on it. This jacket should do the trick any time of night in any weather condition.

New Balance stays on the cutting edge for running apparel as well as athletic training gear. We’re excited to keep putting these kicks to the test!