Monday Moves – Foam Roller Fun

Foam Roller Fun with Hanneke
Step 1: Oblique Ab Preps - Start in position 1A, feet parallel and a little wider than hip distance apart. Lift right shouler up and across the body to opposite knee as in position 1B. And repeat to other side. Repeat 8 times.
Step 2: Toe Taps - Start in position 2A, hindging from the hip lower the right toes to the floor ( or as far as you can lower it without arching your back) Alternate legs. Repeat 8 times on each leg.
Step 3: Start in Position 3A, hips lifted, abs scooped in, shoulders stacked ontop of wrists with the tops of feet on the foam roller. Push the foam roller out, keeping shoulders ontop of wrists and hips high, then pull the foam roller back in under your hips. Repeat 8 times.
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