How to Lose Belly Fat First – Part 1

I know you’ve been told that it’s impossible to spot reduce body fat, right?

Well that statement is true except for one little loophole I think you’ll be interested in hearing about. You see, everyone loses body fat at different rates and on different parts of their body first depending on their genetic make-up.

But did you know that there is a way to over ride your genetics and start losing belly fat first?

It’s true, one of the amazing things my clients tell me when they first go on my nutritional plan is that they are dropping pant sizes faster than they ever expected.

belly fatWhat’s the secret?

The hidden key to over ride your genetics and to start losing all that body fat around your waist is to eliminate one key ingredient that your body was never meant to consume. If you haven’t guessed by now, it goes by the name of sugar. Yes, plain old sugar is the leading cause of abdominal fat. This belly fat is the result of blood sugar spikes and insulin sensitivity reactions that inevitably cause sugar to be stored as body fat after it is digested.

You probably know the most common sugary foods to stay away from like candy, sodas, and desserts and maybe you even know some of the trickier ones like pastas, breads, rice and other white starches, but do you know the lesser known culprits?

These are actually healthy foods that have a not-so-healthy effect on your body. Although these foods are nutritious and you do want to include some of them in your normal diet, you will want to pass on them when you are looking to regulate blood sugar levels and really concentrate on shedding body fat. Each of them has a far healthier alternative, so don’t feel like you can’t get the proper nutrients in your diet.

Let’s take a look at a partial list of some of the foods you may never have thought could cause your blood sugar levels to rise and your insulin levels to spike.

7 Healthy Foods to Avoid While Dieting:
1. Baby carrots
2. Bananas
3. Short grain brown rice
4. 100% fruit juice (or any other kinds of juice)
5. Low quality protein/energy bars (too much filler and sugars)
6. Cereal
7. Yogurt (except the low sugar varieties, like some Greek yogurt)

There you have it. All of the items on this list have one thing in common – sugar! Sure, some of them have the natural kind and others just rank high on the glycemic index, but as a whole, they all spike blood sugar levels and lead to larger waist sizes.

Vow to eliminate your sugar intake and you will see noticeably less belly fat. In Part 2 of “Lose Belly Fat First,” I will outline which exercises are your top picks for creating a trim, tone, and tight midsection while pointing the finger at those exercises that don’t measure up.

steve-ebook-photoStephen Cabral is a world renowned body transformation expert and was voted 2011 “Personal Trainer of the Year.” He is the author of 2 books and has published over 1,200 articles on health, fitness, and nutrition. Stephen and his team train out of their private Boston personal trainer center, Stephen Cabral Studio, and online at