Where Are They Now? HACKFit Team Leaders Check In

EricAs an aspiring entrepreneur and someone who is actively involved in fitness, I found myself nervously walking around HACKFit just over four weeks ago. Ready to pitch an idea at the “Most Active Start-Up Competition on the Planet,” I had to make sure I hit my key points so I could draft a great team and launch a start-up in just one weekend. There were many great starts at the competition, begging the question “Where are they now?” Just four weeks after HACKFit, I reached out to team leaders to see if they are still aspiring to build the company of their dreams. Here’s what I got:

Robert Schultz, Founder, HelpFit
HACKFit project: HelpFit
As Robert was working out on an elliptical at the gym, he was looking outside the window at an old lady that had to hire a moving company to move her furniture. This sparked the idea of a platform uniting individuals looking to work out with community service related activities where you can really burn some calories. Four weeks after a successful presentation at HACKFit, Robert is still working on his vision of HelpFit. He has actively gained an interest in the product by the Town of Newton, the Newton JCC, LaSalle College and other corporations in the area. He describes HelpFit as being “very adaptable into different public, private and municipal models.”


Matt Dionis, President & Co-founder, Conquerfit LLC
HACKFit project: Conquerfit
Conquerfit is an innovative health and fitness company focusing on mobile technology. With this mobile technology you’ll be able to inspire, be inspired and connect with the gyms, healthy restaurants, events and brands that make healthy living easy and enjoyable. Since HACKFit, Matt is currently working on simplifying his pitch and fine-tuning the application prototype. Matt and Conquerfit are expecting a Minimum Viable Product by Thanksgiving and a full-fledged app in early 2014. For additional details and to check out the prototype, visit conquerfit.com.

Yamen AlHajjar, Founder, Foodback
HACKFit project: Foodback
Foodback is the first food feedback platform that connects users directly with food experts to help develop lifelong healthy habits. Since HACKFit, Yamen has been working on developing a team, building a prototype, talking with developers and designers and finding time to work on his project. The HACKFit experience has inspired him to never give up and to recruit people on your team that inspire you.

Shawn Doria, Founder, Fitcraft
HACKFit project: Fitcraft
Fitcraft is an app that makes exercising fun by taking your fitness information and using it to grow a virtual, role-playing game character. Shawn has been actively working on fully developing the Android app for Fitcraft, refactoring code and improving game graphics. Shawn is hoping to have a complete version of the game/app sometime next year.

HACKFit inspires people to think outside the box, to follow their dreams and to build a product that everyone deserves. As for me, since HACKFit I have taken a small pivot in my original pitch. I am working on a mobile app that will reward you for exercise. Linked to a fitness tracker, you will be able to gain points with general exercise and compete against your community and friends. You can then use your points to purchase items in the fitness marketplace, which will be sponsored by local businesses. Beta testing is scheduled for early spring of 2014.

Eric Zisk is a Fitness Center Manager and Site Wellness Coordinator for a division of a Fortune 500 company. He has a MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and a BS in Applied Nutrition. Outside of corporate fitness he teaches group exercise classes at NB Fitness Club in Brighton, MA. He likes to stay active by running, cycling, lifting weights, and playing sports. Eric specializes in: health promotion, nutrition & weight management, fitness training, and tech-related reviews. Connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.