Get the right probiotics for you!

Probiotics, Brand: Poliquin

Probiotics are increasingly becoming more popular. Nutrition experts and holistic health practitioners are “prescribing” probiotics like crazy to their patients and clients.

What the heck are probiotics? Probiotics are “good” bacteria. They improve gut health. In other words, your stomach and your intestinal lining. A lot of your immune system health comes from a well managed, healthy stomach! Also, your ability to digest is of course affected by poor gut health. I’ve been taking Probiotics by the brand Poliquin.  I feel hardly any bloating after my meals. I typically don’t feel bloated because I’ve learned a lot about digestion and how to improve it over the last couple years. However, this product improved that as well. Also, as strange as this sounds, I haven’t had a stomach ache in a LONG time. If you digest better, you can absorb more nutrients from food, build muscle better, lose fat better, and more. Probiotics are a good choice, and Poliquin line works well.

Here is a link to the site where I get my probiotics; Poliquin Brand