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Gear Up with Style

Everyone in the Greater Boston area knows in order to gear up with style using the latest brands in fitness, running, yoga, and all around sporting goods, you need to go to City Sports. Since their doors first opened in 1983, they’ve been tough to compete with. The fitness boom, along with the scope of our magazine, led us to this premier brand in Boston. Getting fit and being healthy have become a way of life for a rapidly increasing number of Bostonian’s. The core of business at City Sports is runners, yet they have branched out to cater to all fitness junkies including Crossfit, yoga, bootcamps, hiking, skiing, and everything in between. All these activities require different footwear, different clothing, and different accessories to achieve optimal performance and results. City Sports carries everything from Under Armour, Nike, and their own in house brand private label CS brand (See pictures below).

City Sports is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and will be launching a new line of tees and tops designed in house by the City Sports team. City Sports has revealed that the line will celebrate their heritage, the cities they’re in, and have a slight nod to the 80′s. Also, be sure to check out the City Sports booth at the 2013 Boston Marathon expo as they’ll have some cool, cutting edge stuff! This will be THE event of the year in Boston, just as it has been for decades.

Listen, everyone knows how awesome City Sports was, is, and always will be… But did you know about their fitness programs??

City Sports runs in-store yoga classes, Crossfit events, run clubs, bootcamps, and most recently, a Boston marathon training club. Sound pricey? Well you’d be mistaken! These classes are free dollars and zero cents. FREE! If you don’t have the gear necessary to attend one of these clubs, well, hopefully by now you know where to find it. Check out to find out more about these events and classes. All you need to do is hit up City Sports if you want access to the hottest trends for active people.

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City Sports Boston 20% Off

City Sports Boston 20% Off