Fitness is Our Priority, CrossFit Southie

At CrossFit Southie, “Fitness is our priority,” says owner Amy Ferro, MS. Once people decide for themselves that they WANT to workout, and not HAVE to workout, things definitely start to change. CrossFit is all about athleticism, especially at the Southie box. A “box” is a CrossFit gym, since CrossFit is not a franchise, but a registered affiliate of the CrossFit program. Each box can vary in number of coaches, size, pricing, programming, and much more. They all have one thing in common, and that is the unexpected WOD (workout of the day). CrossFitters pride themselves on being able to take on any obstacle or challenge in the fitness spectrum whether it requires strength, conditioning, balance, power, accuracy, speed, flexibility, or anything else. There is no set program where you know what the following workout will be, at CrossFit, you’re ready and fit for anything.

Ferro describes CrossFit as a community, not a place where you put your headphones on and keep to yourself. CrossFit Southie tries to keep about an 8:1 coach to member ratio in each class. This ensures proper technique on each exercise, and optimal movement patterns for safety. CrossFit Southie is for anyone looking to work hard, as they have a wide range of members from

“highly conditioned 21 year olds, or that 21 year old’s great aunt, Betty,” says Ferro. All the WOD’s can be modified per the individual.

CrossFit is both a lifestyle and a sport. In fact, CrossFit is known by many as “The Sport of Fitness.” The benefits can carry over to anything from enhancing performance in sports, to helping you shovel that snow with ease, or lifting patients if you’re a nurse, for example. Both Amy and co-owner/Amy’s husband compete in CrossFit competition. DOING CrossFit, and COMPETING in CrossFit are two different worlds, but with that experience, that energy radiates through their Southie box. Amy and Chris, along with 4 other Southie members/teammates finished 2nd in the Northeast and actually competed in the finals out in LA!

Lastly, CrossFit endorses the Paleo Diet (Boston Fitness Magazine recommends checking out Loren Cordain’s book “Paleo Diet for Athletes” for more info). The basic premise is eating like a caveman used to eat. Focus on grass fed beef, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and free range poultry.

Exclusive offer: CrossFit Southie offers free intro sessions Thursday nights at 7pm and Saturdays at 12pm. Call 617-269-0003 or email CrossFit Southie at for more details!

CrossFit Southie is located at 385 Dorchester Ave in South Boston. For more info, check out