Fit N Tasty Fridays

BFM Intro picAli and Grace both share an unparalleled passion for health, nutrition and fitness. Through years of working with clients, and through their own experiences, they have come across some common roadblocks when it comes to achieving optimum health: we are too busy and there is too much information “out there” about health & fitness that often overwhelms us. When we become overwhelmed, we get caught in a vicious cycle of not only frustration and disappointment, but we also feel paralyzed & often never even get started because we can’t decide what to do.

These days, virtually any bit of information is literally just a click away.  If you search the Internet with “How To Get A 6 Pack”, you receive an overabundance of results. Instead of feeling empowered by the information we find, we often feel overwhelmed and lost as to what exactly we should be doing; this or that?

In light of these difficulties, we want to introduce to you Fit N’ Tasty Fridays: An exclusive BFM series:

  • We want to provide feasible bits of information that help readers stay on a plan throughout the week and into the weekend. Let’s be honest, we all face this problem:  we start off the week with the best of intentions to eat well, exercise and do-it-all. Towards the end of the week, however, those good intentions are often sacrificed amidst the day to day hustle n’ bustle of our busy lives – we throw in the towel, and promise ourselves that next week, we’ll do better.  The thing is, when the lack of a plan is coupled with the lack of time, our success is easily sabotaged.  So how do we help ourselves be and feel successful?


  • The key is simplicity.  We want to help people simplify their lives, thus empowering them to make smart, healthy choices as often as possible. This is about turning the confusion into clarity, the complexity into simplicity and the doubt into action.  It is our goal to become reliable and consistent providers of simple yet effective health and fitness information.

To accomplish this, each week we will offer straightforward, easy to digest, (pun intended!) tips for you to try.

  • Tips will include things like workout routines, fitness challenges, nutrition tidbits, & recipes.
  • All you need to do is be open to trying them.
  • Self-experimentation is the KEY to our approach, because without at least trying something, you will never know what will work for you.

So, that’s it! Each week you will get simple, bite size, effective tips, tricks, & routines that can prepare you to live better and feel better not only in the midst of a hectic work week but even into the weekend. We’re looking forward to it!