Say No to Over-Indulging: Tips to Survive the Holiday Season

The holidays are officially here. And with them comes “sugar season!” Stuffing, sweet potato mash, pecan pie…one serving quickly turns into two, three, and soon you’re spinning out of control. Leftover pie becomes breakfast. And just like that, your workout routine has come to a screeching halt and your muffin top is back in action. As a recovering sugar addict and binge eater, I’ve been there. I would leave Thanksgiving with a bloated stomach and in a cranky mood—not what I had hoped for. Below are three tips on how to enjoy, embrace and create the experience you want.

Relax and Just Be
Taking time to slow down during the rush of the holidays is a true gift, and it will allow you to tune into what your body truly wants—whether that’s pie or no pie! Stress leads to overeating. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can create insulin resistance, meaning that your body has no idea when it’s had enough sugar. High levels of cortisol also weaken your metabolism by blocking thyroid function and trick you into wanting fatty and sugary food. Break the cycle. Meditate and breathe.



B.Y.O.F.—Bring Your Own Food
Do you choose to follow a paleo, gluten gree or dairy free protocol? You’ve chosen this because you feel better on it, right? Empower yourself by planning ahead and bringing along a few dishes. You know what works best for YOU.

Food is secondary. Nourish yourself.
How many times do you walk away from the day wishing that you had connected more with your family? Human connection nourishes us. What would it mean to have deeper conversations this year instead of going for more pie? Ask questions. Be vulnerable and notice how food then becomes secondary.

The takeaway? Create your experience and enjoy!
Embrace the holidays and tune into how you want to feel. What do you want to experience? Let your desires be experienced without judgment. Once you truly connect to how food makes you feel, both physically and emotionally, you’ll choose foods that make you feel good! And that is true freedom around food.

Ashley Wilson is the founder of Soka Wellness and a consultant with Reebok CrossFit Back Bay.