Pilates Dumbbell series 1

Pilates Secrets with Zayna Gold;

Welcome to the Pilates Dumbbell series! Not many know that when you’re lifting free weights you could be doing a Pilates exercise, but you may be! Zayna is joined this week by BB instructors Danae and Jennifer. Joseph Pilates created standing dumbbell work to sculpt long lean muscles in the upper body. Each exercise emphasizes full range of motion with attention to great posture and core engagement. Modify the dumbbell weight based on your experience with weights. As always, the less weight you do the more reps you should do.

Remember to it’s never a bad idea to compliment your upper body work with exercises that stabilize the core or work the lower body. Try the Plank and the Pilates Lunge.

About Zayna

With more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is the founder and co-owner of Boston Body Pilates and Boston Body Barre, now with five locations in the Boston area. Zayna is certified by Stott Pilates and Power Pilates and is a faculty member for Balanced Body, traveling the world to instruct other Pilates professionals in the Balanced Body Barre program, which she created. She has appeared on TV and is a contributor to national newspapers, and Magazines. Follow her on her “facebook“ page, or stream “more workouts”on any phone, tablet or computer.