Don’t Diet…Live it: What’s Your Wall?

What’s your wall? This is the most important question I ask my clients. “My Wall?  C’mon Bobby… what the heck are you talking about now?” I speak to many people that have the right intentions and desire to make life/dietary changes but really just don’t have the DRIVE that it takes to get there.  Your “Wall” is what you hit head on and come to the true realization that life simply cannot go on the way it has.

fat and leanEveryone.. And I do mean everyone asks me what inspired or motivated me to lose 140 pounds. It wasn’t a doctor saying, “Bobby if you continue on the track you’re on you’ll be dead by 40″. Nope, because they said that and there was no change. It wasn’t being made fun of because my cup size was larger than any of the girls in high school. Nope that wasn’t it. It wasn’t my parents pleading with me to start exercising and doing some “calisthenics” (I actually hated when they said that). So at 19/20 years old what was my motivator? What was the most REAL factor in my life? WOMEN. Up to this point in life I had never had a girlfriend. Never held hands.  Never touched lips with the opposite sex. I was living vicariously through my friends and I had enough of it. I wanted the real thing. I wanted to be wanted. I HIT MY WALL!  Yup. That was it. When this realization came over me, it was like a bolt of lightning hit me square in the grill. The very next day I did research on beneficial and healthy foods. I cut out some of my favorite foods because they were limiting my life and I needed to break the addiction. I was dedicated. Without doing much physical activity and just changing my diet, I lost 80 pounds. 80! What a feeling! Til this day, that was the best decision I ever made.

So now I ask you… What’s your wall? What’s going to motivate you to make a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to change? If you think you need to “diet” because your parents, friends or loved ones are urging you to… Don’t even bother. You’re not going to keep up with it. Trust me.  You just won’t. You have to have a real reason to make a change. Do you want to see your kids/grandkids grow up? Do you want to move better? Do you want to not feel like life has defeated you?  These are some pretty damn good reasons. You need to make this decision for YOU!!Hulk transformation

When you do come to this decision, and have hit your WALL, then it is time to GET AFTER IT! There are certain things in life you can gradually change. Eating is(for most of us) not one of them. If you go about it gradually there is a 94% chance you will revert back to your old habits. Make the changes and stick to them. Will there be meals and moments where you screw up? Yes. This is guaranteed. But if you surround yourself with the right support and are truly driven to succeed you will overcome! I’m not going to lie to you. It’s difficult. Might be the most difficult thing you’ve endured to this point in your life. But my God is it worth it!

Feeling motivated? Do you want to get to the best version of you possible? Make the changes and live the life you’ve envisioned for yourself! Now get after it… and watch that wall of yours crumble to the ground.

Bobby is a Certified Health/Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and the Fitness Director at Boston North Fitness in Danvers. Bobby is a nutrition and wellness contributor on many Boston Radio programs including 98.5 “The River” and Mix 104.1, Karson and Kennedy in the Morning.