Class Review: The House Ride at FitHouse

 Cycle Room Woven Wall-1

Walking into the cycling room at FitHouse filled me with the excitement and energy of entering an exclusive nightclub, complete with a door leading into a dimly lit room with bright colored changing lights and pumping music. But the stadium-style bikes with hand weights and resistance bands reminded me that I was in for quite the opposite of a night of drinking and poor health decisions.


Instructor Ashley Aiken

And instead of being greeted by a scary bouncer, myself and our editorial intern, Kathy Wilbur, were greeted by the bouncy and cheerful instructor, Ashley Aiken, who noticed that she hadn’t seen us before and helped feel comfortable and get situated after asking if it was our first time at the studio.

After we were settled, Ashley immediately turned up the music, got on her bike and began providing instructions through her mic set. As the class started, the excitement remained. The colorful light display flushed away any feelings of self-consciousness an attempts to compare myself to others because I felt like I was just out with some friends enjoying some great beats.

The class kept the participants interested, alert and energized by constantly switching it up through changing gears, switching between sitting and standing, incorporating arm and core workouts with on-bike push-ups and crunches and using hand weights and resistance bands towards the end.

All of this in beat with awesome remixes ranging from Lady Gaga’s “Applause” to The Foo Fighter’s “Everlong.” Even with the changing lights, the instructor, Ashley, was always visible so if you got off beat, you could follow her to get back on.

“The House Ride at FitHouse was definitely unlike any spin class I’ve ever taken,” says Wilbur. “It was the best workout I’ve had in months, and it was paced so well I didn’t even mind doing it.”

Overall the class was a fun combination of toning and cardio that will leave you (literally) aching for more.

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