Chefs of Local Renown

The Parish Cafe in Boston is ahead of the curve in trend setting. Earning a spot on the menu is an honor for Boston’s top chefs. The concept behind Parish Cafe’s menu is brilliant. In the beginning, the owner approached famous, top chefs in Boston and asked if they would do the honor of creating a sandwich for the Parish menu. After over 20 years of service, the tables have turned and now chefs chase Parish to earn a spot on the menu! Mitchell Randall of Mistral Bistro, Brian Poe of Rattlesnake, Frank McClelland of L’Espalier, and Jamie Bissonnette of Coppa & Toro all have dishes featured on the menu at Parish Cafe. Owner, Sean Simmons revealed that there are over 60 sandwiches to choose from, and each may be rolled out as a special on any given day.

The most popular sandwich is the Zuni Roll ($11.95), created by Norma Gillespie. “Smoked turkey breast, crisp bacon, chopped scallions, dill Havarti cheese and cranberry-chipotle sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla and served warm. Sided with choice of homemade potato salad or cole slaw and a cranberry-chipotle sour cream sauce with scallions.” Our favorite was the Mexican Meatball Sub ($13.50) created by Brian Poe of Rattlesnake which is a clever twist on a go-to dish. The real kicker on this work of art was the toasted baguette that you could dip in a chipotle and jalapeno au jus! These are just two of many reasons the Parish Cafe has won more awards than Boston sports franchises. Simmons confirmed that everything at Parish Cafe is done from scratch; the dressings, the potato salad, the chutney, the relishes, the sauces, the au jus, and even the onion rings are scratch made.

All of the produce and meat are from local vendors in the Greater Boston area. Sean’s meat products are hand delivered two times per day, which ensures a fresh, delicious product. For our health conscious readers, the Nicoise Salad ($13.25) is a nutrient packed powerhouse. “Grilled RARE tuna steak, topped with a dollop of wasabi aioli, and served over a bed of greens with sliced hard boiled eggs, Kalamata olives, string beans, tomatoes, and diced cucumbers. Tossed in a fresh lemon-olive oil dressing.” You’re getting high quality lean protein from a cold water fish, plus high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Eating fish like this can aid in digestion, help you lose bodyfat, increase lean muscle, improve your skin quality, help with your vision, and a lot more. Adding to the protein punch, there are hard boiled eggs. Eggs are known as possibly the best complete source of protein known to man. The yolks yield the majority of the nutrition with protein, good cholesterol, B vitamins, and good fats. Additionally, the salad offers string beans, which are packed with folate. Folic acid lowers inflammation, which is associated with heart attacks, strokes and a host of other health concerns. Plus, the fresh tomatoes’ are high in lycopene (which by the way are absorbed better by the body when combined with good fats; the tuna). Sean also features his Simple Chicken ($14.95) which is sauteed in chicken stock, EVOO and some lemon juice. Everyone knows about olive oil, but lemons are known to improve liver health and help with detoxifying the body.

Coming February 11, 2013 Parish Café will be releasing an all new menu, featuring some of the top chef’s in the City and making everyone’s choice even more difficult about what to order! Parish Cafe, New Menu