Booty by Brabants: A Hot New Workout for your Glutes


Kelly Brabants, Founder and Instructor

Do you have a few ‘buts’ when it comes to getting your best butt? Namely how boring it is to just keep doing squats and even after doing a million of them, you still aren’t happy with the results? Local personal trainer, Kelly Brabants, has the solution: a new ladies-only group fitness class that is a fusion of dance, pilates and kickboxing focused on helping you get your best derriere, suitably titled Booty by Brabants.

The class is uniquely constructed based on Brabants’ extensive dance and fitness experience to target all areas of the glute as well as increase core strength. As a personal trainer, Brabants starts the class ensuring everyone is fully warmed up by increasing the heart rate and then specifically warming up the core and glutes and activating flexibility with mat work. As the class continues, Brabants introduces some easy-to-follow, but effective moves including a variety for kicks, jumps and lunges. Brabants then pulls inspiration from twenty years of dance training by ending the class with across-the-floor exercises, dance cardio and cooling everyone down with flexibility-increasing stretches.

“There’s no classes that really combines all of these different things, I wanted to fuse them together and then target the butt,” says Brabants on how she came up with the idea for the class. She also constructed the class in order to target all of the gluteal muscles (maximus, medius, minimus). “Most people just work the max[imus], so they squat, squat, squat,” she says. “In my class we do lateral lunges, transverse lunges, curtsey lunges, so it’s literally hitting every single angle of the glute—not just one, so it makes a huge difference.”

Why specifically the booty? “People always ask me how I get my butt. And I’m Brazilian, so a little of it is genetics,” Brabants laughs, “but you have to target every single area of the glute and get your core stronger.” Brabants wants to share her experience and knowledge with women through this group fitness class in order to create an “outlet for females to come in and feel hot, feel like they got a good workout and not take life too seriously.”

And that’s exactly what the class offers. Participant Laura Murphy says the class left her feeling energized, was more fun than other classes she had taken and she will definitely recommend it to her friends.

How can you get in on the action?

Purchase 5 Booty by Brabants classes for our exclusive price of $60.
Classes are currently offered at Wave Health & Fitness at the Seaport Hotel
Tuesdays at 6:15pm
Saturdays at 12pm

Be on the lookout for: A class schedule for Booty by Brabants at The Club by George Foreman III starting in January.


Brabants is excited to share her knowledge and love of the booty in the form of a group fitness class and her clients are excited about it, too.

“In group fitness classes, people don’t really remember the exercises, but they remember the feeling and with my energy and my passion, I just hope that people can leave and be like ‘I don’t know what just happened, but I want to come back,’” says Brabants.

“Kelly is very upbeat, passionate about her clients, fun and very knowledgable about fitness,” says Jennifer Stutto who takes the Booty by Brabants class and has Brabants as her personal trainer at Equinox. “Working out my whole life, I’ve found that a fitness instructor like Kelly only comes along once a decade and you tend to want to follow her and what she’s doing,” she adds.

And from the looks of it, Brabants is going to be doing big things. She is currently working to get more Booty by Brabants classes at gyms and fitness studios around Boston and eventually would like expand her audience and start a Booty by Brabants clothing line.

If you’re looking for a hot new workout, get your butt to a Booty by Brabants class. No excuses. “I don’t want people to be intimidated or even question whether or not they can do it,” says Brabants. “I just want them to come in with a smile on their face and crush it with me.”

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