Best “Bang for your buck” exercises? -We asked Equinox Tier 4 trainers

Franklin_CardioWe asked the Tier 4 Training staff at Equinox- Franklin st about the best “bang for your buck” exercises were. Here’s what they had to say.


It’s definitely going to be the big, classic movements when time is short.  Your basics.  The squat, the dead lift.  Period.  You’re incorporating your whole body into either of these lifts.  If you’ve got thirty minutes, then 10 sets of six to ten (near failure) of either is going to bury you.  Take a few minutes at the beginning for your quick rolling and a mobility drill or two, then get after it.

Ali Arnow:

For me it would be a double Kettlebell clean and press. You can use higher resistance and lower reps for strength or lower resistance and higher reps for endurance. it’s a big bang for your buck exercise!

Dan Evangelisto:

I always base a workout off of major movement patterns.Depending on your current fitness level, you can load, not load or modify each movement and still get what the exercise has to offer. Squats and/or Deadlifts are truly total body movements that offer the most for your time. If you think more progressed a Turkish get up is also another movement where you need to be stable, mobile and powerful to complete the movement properly. Push up variations are also crucial to any program, it is an amazing addition to a program and there are plenty of options in terms of changing it up. Pullups unassisted or assisted are technical movements can be great depending on form/technique but if short on time can offer a great challenge for your total body. Some addition helpers are plank variations, retraction specific exercises (row or reverse fly’s), Kettlebell Swings, and split squat/lunge movements.

Jason Skinner:

If you’re strapped for time you want to select a few movements that will incorporate the entire body.  Compound movements are you best bet for this scenario, and probably for most of your workouts as well.  I would choose an explosive movement, an upper body and lower body strength movement, and a core exercise.

Explosive movement: Kb Swing, Broad Jump, or Kb Snatch
Upper strength: Half Kneeling Landmine Press, Pullups, or Inverted Row
Lower strength: Deadlift, Kb Squats, Glute Ham Raise
Core: Rollouts, Chops, Renegade Rows