A Team of Experts – Equinox

Equinox is known for their luxury amenities, technically advanced facilities, and their highly educated trainers. After going through a Tier 4 assessment with a Tier 4 Equinox trainer, you’ll wonder why Equinox wasn’t the very first place you went to on the start of your fitness journey. As they say, their clubs are uniquely designed to provide unprecedented service, innovative fitness programming and restorative wellness treatments all setting the stage for the ultimate in performance and rejuvenation. Equinox at Franklin street in the Financial District hosts one of the very first Tier 4 programs in the nation. Their trainers have unique skill sets ranging from Tier 1 to 2 to 3, with 3 previously being the most advanced trainer in terms of educational credits and experience. Tier 4 trainers are some of the most scientifically advanced trainers in the City.

Boston Fitness Magazine participated in a Tier 4 assessment, and quite frankly, we were blown away. The six point assessment includes a deep discussion including health history, exercise habits, nutrition habits, and medical history. Then there is a resting metabolic rate test, which basically tells you how many calories you burn at rest. From this part of the assessment, you will learn how many calories you should be taking in to gain, lose, or maintain your bodyweight. Quite frankly, we were surprised by the results on this one! Such a huge part of the body composition puzzle, and we were way off.

There is also a postural assessment which gives us more details into how to design a program to bring the body is back into alignment and prevent injuries. There is also a body fat test which includes your body weight, and how hydrated your body is both intra and extracellularly. After the body composition test, there is a functional movement screen. Brandon, the Tier 4 manager, put us through different movement patterns to assess our mobility restrictions, and potential for injuries. At the conclusion of the assessment, there is a VO2 peak test.

The results are then dissected by a team with a combined over 50 years experience in the exercise science realm. Each team member has a different area of expertise, in order to come up with the optimal solution to enhance your fitness level. One coach has a degree in Nutritional Science, two are degreed in Kinesiology, one coach excels in strength training and corrective work, and one has over 25 marathons under his belt, making him a cardio whiz! Every Tier 4 client gets the entire team working on their program and supporting them, not just one trainer or one opinion.

Our background is in exercise science, so some of the results we already knew, but it was nice to have some reenforcement and a kick in the rear. However, there were many things that were unknown prior to the assessment, and these very things were the missing link to reaching our health and fitness potential. The experience with Brandon, Tier 4 Manager at Franklin st, was invaluable to us. The education has enhanced our passion for fitness, and we’re excited to get after it tomorrow!

 Equinox is located at 225 Franklin st in the Financial District.