A Boutique Style Fitness Company – Boston Body Pilates

One of Boston’s premiere sites for Pilates and Barre, Boston Body Pilates is a boutique style fitness company, which really resonates with their clients. The staff there calls you by your name and they are with you every step of the way. The instructors are all held to the highest standards in terms of fitness education and instruction, all fine tuned by their Program Director, Zayna Gold. Boston Body Pilates instructs their clients how to execute the hottest, and most effective workouts at their studio, on their DVDs, or while hosting one of their Pilates Retreats at luxurious resorts around the world.

The training philosophy is to earn maximum benefit with minimal stress to the joints and other connective tissues. The trainers will be there to guide you to a stronger and leaner physique, and keep you safe along the way. The men and women who train at Boston Body Pilates range from the average office Joe, to top-tier collegiate athletes with various fitness goals like getting lean, or even rehab. Pilates and Barre are mind body workouts, which means that each movement moves from your center, both physically and mentally. The results can be seen physically, mentally, and even emotionally. The trainers at Boston Body Pilates ensure results within the first 2 months of practice.

All of the trainers at Boston Body Pilates are very passionate about what they do, and they’ve all graduated from their Mentoring Program. The program is a rigorous 600 hours of practice teaching, studying of anatomy, rehab work, exercise prescription, and more. The course enables the trainers to work with each and every fitness goal and unique individual. Many of the trainers at BBP are known as some of the top in New England.

Once you walk in to Boston Body Pilates, you become part of their family and you’ll feel right at home. The workouts are enjoyable and the atmosphere is very inviting. You can leave the stresses of your daily life at the door and walk out feeling revitalized with new energy. Once you start training with them, you may have a tough time stopping! Also, if you can’t make it to the studio because of a crazy Bostonian schedule, you can check out their Boston Body Online program which launched in January. Don’t forget about their Boston Body Retreats either, which most recently went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

 Boston Body Pilates has 5 locations in the Greater Boston Area; Boston, Belmont, West Newton, Newtonville, and Concord