More Harm Than Good: Say No to 100-Calorie Snack Packs

Sometimes you just have to call it like it is. If I hear one more person use the excuse “but the package said it was only 100 calories,” I may lose my sanity.

100 calorie “snack packs” became popular a few years back when the low calorie, low fat craze came into popularity. Basically, food manufacturers market their junk food (disguised as health food) by labeling the package “Just 100 Calories!”images-6

I think they expect us all to stand up and shout, “Wow, now I can eat mini muffins, pretzels, bagel crisps, sugar coated almonds and other processed junk since it’s only 100 calories!” The sad part is food marketers have fooled many people into believing it’s okay to eat what I call “100-Calorie Crap Packs” since it’s just a small portion size. The truth is that these “small portions” still contain over 20 grams of highly processed starches that raise inflammation in your body while decreasing your health and blunting your weight loss efforts.

Did you know this processed flour actually strips your body of vital minerals needed for every cellular energy function in your body? Do you really want to sacrifice your health and fat loss efforts by eating snacks that come from genetically modified corn or wheat based products? And do you want your family eating that “crap” either?

The big takeaway today is that just because it’s only 100 calories doesn’t make it good for you—or even okay to eat at all. And just because sneaky food manufacturers remove the fat so they can call it “low fat” doesn’t make it good for you either since they’re just trading fat for inflammatory, high-glycemic carbohydrates. Yummy.

In general I recommend my online and studio clients to just say no to snack (crap) packs. It’s a safe and healthy philosophy to live by. I hope you enjoyed this quick tip today and if you’d like to use my complete 12-week daily nutrition cheat sheets and healthy food checklists just click here. Or, if you’d like it mailed to you, click here.

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